Past Learning Community Presentations

November 2018: Black Womanhood: When Being a Woman is Deadly

October 2018: Reentry Simulation

September 2018: A Conversation About Change: Developing a Cultural Paradigm Shift

August 2018: In Her Shoes: Domestic Violence Simulation

July 2018: Sexual Orientation, Gender and Growing Up in the USA

June 2018: Choose - the Mix Generation: Serving Multiracial Students

May 2018: Community Action Poverty Simulation

April 2018: Transitioning to Freedom: Rehabilitation, Resilience and Reintegration

March 2018: The Stigma of Mental Illness: Using Humor to Understand, Cope and Thrive

February 2018: DACA:  Doing What’s Right For Dreamers…NOW​

January 2018: Introduction to Restorative Practices: The Cultural Competencies of Diversity, Inclusion & Equity as a Restorative Practice

November 2017: From Safe Space to Brave Space

October 2017: Healing Religious Bias

September 2017: One Child, Many Hearts: Complexities in Transracial Foster Care & Adoption

August 2017: Generational Differences at Work / Cultural Competency & Employment

July 2017Organizational Trauma

June 2017: Bystander Intervention Training 

May 2017: Cultural Competence with American Indians: Through the Diamond Threshold Training

April 2017: Current  Challenges to Cross Cultural Communication: Latinos​

March 2017: The Impact of Micro-Messages in the Workplace

February 2017: White Privilege: A Starting Conversation

January 2017: Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS)

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