In Her Shoes: Domestic Violence Simulation

August 2018 Learning Community presentation by Kristy Baughman of Rose Brooks Center 

In this experiential activity, participants assume the roles of diverse battered women as they seek assistance from a variety of resources.  Each resource represents an institution or service that women encounter as they struggle through their circumstances, such as courts, doctors and shelters. Participants soon realize that those resources can either help or hurt her ability to become safe. In Her Shoesdemonstrates that an individual woman's escape from abuse is complicated, unpredictable and, sometimes, impossible.It is the experiential nature of In Her Shoesthat allows participants to better understand the extreme challenges faced by battered women.

At the end of this session, participants were able to:
1.  Recognize how power and control work in an abusive relationship.
2.  Understand barriers that sometimes prevent survivors from leaving an abusive relationship.
3.  Know what resources and support are available to survivors in the KC Metro.

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