November 2018 Learning Community panel discussion, featuring Hakima Payne of Uzazi Village, Melissa Robinson of Black Health Care Coalition, and Evonnia Woods of Reproaction. 

This Learning Community explored how, in American society, patriarchal institutions not only shape the ways in which Black women navigate the health care system, but they also influence how these women are able to care for their own bodies. 

Session Objectives:

 1.      Analyze foundational practices that contribute to disparities in healthcare of African American women.

2.     View these disparities through an intersectional framework that addresses race, class, sexism, patriarchy, etc. and how this is adversely reflected in Black women’s health.

3.     Understand that there are real and organic answers to this dilemma by analyzing Black women’s health through the framework of African American Feminism

4.     More positioned to be allies for Black, African American women and other WOC in regards to their mental and physical health.


Vox Video Clip -The US medical system is still haunted by slavery

PBS Video Clip - Why are black mothers and infants far more likely to die in U.S. from pregnancy-related causes?

Infant Mortality Statistics

Black Women's Health Week

Black Women's Health Disparities

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in OBGYN

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